IGLOOC L I C K   H E R E  FOR  360° VIDEO ARENA (WITH PARTS OF MILOSH’S °BETTY BLUE…° VIDEO) SHOOTED WITH 360° LADYBUG CAMERA BY Karol Kwiatek during ICCI experimental week in Plymouth_______ 


Experimental Week, February 2010

Innovation for the Creative and Cultural Industries has recently collaborated with Igloo Vision during an experimental week to test and develop

digital material to be shown within a 360º immersive environment.
Following an external call for content, UK and international artists submitted digital work which was tested in the arena and used in preparation for a large scale festival, scheduled to take place in Plymouth’s city centre later in the year. 
The week-long event was supported by South West Screen and the UK Film Council, as well as the University of Plymouth.




02.2010 Arena 360 event at University of Plymouth which was a week long experimental week organised by ICCI (Innovation for Culture and creative industry).


The 360 degree screen is in a dome tent by Igloo vision. 360 degree panoramas from Ian Wood, Aldo Hoeben, Peter Stephens and Jürgen Schrader. There were some amazing 360 degree films by Karol Kwiatek and Milosh Luczynski, and 360 degree 3D underwater visualisation by Colin Yellowley;